Tuesday, March 10, 2015


Hello to everyone.  It has been so long since I have posted.  What shall I write...

Remember when I showed you pictures of the chairs from GW? Remember , ( Goodwill )?  Well I will show you them again and then tell you a little story.

These are the chairs that I recovered.  Now I like those chairs, but I also like a home that is not cluttered and I have moved those zebra chairs around and tried about every room in the house and I just have too much stuff.  I have to make them go away.

I couldn't bear to take them back to GW and see them with a $4.98 price tag on them, so I decided to set them on my front curb with a sign on them...


It wasn't ten minutes later that my husband Jerry,  ( WHO BY THE WAY HATED THEM ), came in the house and told me a neighbor from up the street had scooped both of them up and hurried home.

I hope they have a nice home, and I hope that neighbor thinks I must have really great STUFF if I kicked those babies to the curb.

            Always keep them wondering
                                           ... Redfox